Miracle 511 Seal & Enhance

511 Seal & Enhance Is a unique, solvent-base formula designed to eliminate the need to use an impregnator before using a color enhancer for maximum stain protection and superior color enhancement. 511 Seal & Enhance is safe for use on granite, marble, limestone, natural stone, slate, ceramic tile, quarry tile and grout surfaces. 511 Seal & Enhance will enhance the color and rejuvenate the appearance of tumbled, honed, acid-washed, sandblasted, flamed, textured, even polished stone and tile surfaces. In addition, 511 Seal & Enhance revitalizes old and worn stone and tile installations. It can be used successfully in both interior and exterior environments and is freeze/thaw resistant.

Available Sizes: 8oz, Pint, Quart, Gallon

Ready to Use Solvent Base Impregnator/Color Enhancer For:

• Granite • Marble • Natural Stone
• Limestone • Ceramic Tile • Quarry Tile
• Not for Concrete/Masonry • Polished Stone
• Slate • Grout


• Superior Stain Protection • Enhances Color
• Interior/Exterior • Grout Release
• One Step • Easy To Use
• Oil Resistant • Lasts 3 – 5 Years
• Water Repellant • Good for Floors
• Will Not Yellow

Coverage: Approximately 250 – 4,000 square feet per gallon.