spark fireplaces

Spark Fire Ribbon Direct Vent Single Vu

Clean, uncluttered lines frame a pure, vibrant ribbon of flame that draws guests in to its mesmerizing glow. Accentuate your design with a sleek façade and contemporary details to create a flawless focal point.

*Signature Fire Ribbon design technology.
*Fixed glass window bleeds into invisible edge, allowing for surround customization.
*Installs quickly and easily.
*It goes anywhere it can vent to the outside through a roof or an exterior wall.
*Needs neither a chimney nor a hearth.
*Draws air from the outside-in, so there’s no drafts and no heat loss.
*80 percent efficiency rating.
*Available in 3ft, 4ft, 6ft
*Mandatory safety screen.
*Heating capacity enhanced with integrated fan.
*Accepted by all major building and mechanical codes in the U.S. including the IMC and the UMC.
*Approved in all 50 states and Canada.