Tec 602 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

NEW! TEC® 602 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is a high quality, high strength formulation, with excellent resistance to plasticizer migration. TEC® 602 is solvent free, non-flammable, freeze/thaw stable, and almost odor free. TEC® 602 can be used where other adhesives might present potential health risks. TEC® 602 is suitable for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants and assisted living facilities.
TEC® 602 can be used for the installation of carpet cushion, solid vinyl, solid rubber, solid urethane and Enhancer backed carpet squares. Solid or hard backed carpet squares can be removed and rebonded. Removal and reinstallation of carpet squares is important for replacement of worn areas, changing traffic patterns and for accessibility to computer, telephone and electrical panels.

  • High Moisture Technology – up to 90% RH /10 lbs. MVER
  • ASTM F2170 – 90% RH and ASTM F1869 – HMT at 10 lbs.
  • Persistent tack to grip carpet tile during installation, yet releasable to allow for ease of replacement
  • Acrylic latex-based for exceptional resistance to plasticizermigration
  • Extremely low-odor – ideal for use in occupied buildings
  • LEED® Compliant (VOC 0 g/L) and CRI Green Label Plus Certified
  • For use with the installation of carpet cushion and solid vinyl, solid urethane, recycled and non-foam back carpet tiles (PVC) and recycled materials
  • 5 gallon plastic pails (18.92 L)

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