Setting Materials

Stone Inc carries all the tile setting material you would need including Caulks, flooring adhesives, mortars, mastics, grout, and surface preparation. Whatever you need to install your tile, Stone Inc has it for you.

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  • TEC_006-1qt

    Tec 006 Perimeter Flooring Adhesive

  • TECS-10-carpet-pad-adhesive

    Tec 10 Carpet Pad Adhesive

  • TEC_TA-131

    Tec 131 Universal Solvent-Free Seam Sealer

  • TA334_1Flex_Wht_35lb

    Tec 1Flex 1/4″ Crack Isolation Mortar

  • TEC_TA-29

    Tec 29 Seam Seale

  • TA385_3N1_Wht_30lb1

    Tec 3N1 Performance Mortar

  • TEC_602_5Gal

    Tec 602 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


    Tec 705 Wall Carpet Adhesive

  • TA-752_4gal

    Tec 752 Premium Transitional Vinyl Adhesive

  • TEC_975_4gal

    Tec 975 Solvent-Free Wet-Set and Outdoor Carpet Adhesive

  • tecs-TA150_AccuColor-1001

    Tec AccuColor 100 100% Silicone Sealant

  • TEC_645_AccuColorEASY

    Tec AccuColor Easy Grout

  • TEC_645_AccuColorEASY

    Tec AccuColor Easy Grout

  • TA440_AccuColorEFX_3galKIT3

    Tec AccuColor EFX Epoxy Special Effects Grout

  • TA442_AccuColorEFX_CleanerConc1

    Tec AccuColor EFX® Clean-up Water Concentrate

  • TEC_Accucolor_sanded_grout_25lb

    Tec AccuColor Premium Sanded Grout

  • TEC+Accucolor+Unsanded+Grout

    Tec AccuColor Premium Unsanded Grout

  • TEC+Accucolor+sanded+caulk+10oz

    Tec AccuColor Siliconized Sanded Acrylic Caulk