There are multiple types of lamination in the stone industry.  Lamination refers to the way that at least two pieces of stone are attached to each other.  Below are the most common types of lamination along with an example.  Step Lamination Miter Lamination Stack... read more

Surface Finishes

Slabs are most commonly offered Polished, Honed, or Leathered.  Depending on the application, you may also find material Brushed, Antiqued, Flamed, or Sandblasted as well. Stone, Inc has the equipment and capability to refinish virtually any stone you desire. Polished... read more

Edge Profiles

Check out all the edges that Stone, Inc. offers. There are over 11 different options for edges spread over four pricing categories. Come see what edge is best for you!

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Cleaning Natural Stone

Tips for Cleaning Marble Clean spills and stains as soon as possible Use a soft cloth and warm water Always dry the marble – do not let it air dry Avoid vinegar and acidic cleaners Use marble cleaning solutions for tougher stains Tips For Cleaning Granite Clean spills... read more