Having a problem with your counter or floor can be scary. You don’t know if it is repairable or if the entire piece has to be replaced. Luckily, more often than not we are able to repair the problem without a huge cost to the customer.

Has the seam in your kitchen counter-top broken open? Is there an odd or stubborn stain on your tile floor? Does your shower tile need re-grouting? The professionals of Stone Inc., expert installers of stone and tile home beautification projects, are equally expert at maintenance and repair.

Some common repairs that we offer include:

-Seam Repair (Clean and Re-seam)
-Chip and Crack Repair (Color Match and Epoxy/Glue)
-Core Drilling (Add Soap Dispenser, Water Purifier, Faucet Holes, etc.)
-Cutout Alteration (Enlarge or re-shape for new sink, appliances, etc.)
-Re-Size Existing Material (Typically requires a trip back to our shop to re-size, re-edge, etc.)
-Removal and re-installation (cabinet change, water damage repair, etc.)

Call us for a skilled diagnosis of the situation, a comprehensive list of possible solutions, and a prompt and fair estimate of costs. Make your problem our problem, and watch it disappear.