Slab Installation

One of the more common installs we do are countertop slab installations.  Many people aren’t aware of the amount of work that goes into transporting and installing your slab once it has been fabricated.  

The first step is transportation. Your slab is carefully loaded onto one of our delivery trucks via a crane and then strapped to the vehicle to assure safe transportation without any damage.  

Once the truck arrives on site, the lead installer will determine the easiest way to get the slab from the truck the counter. Due to the weight of the counter, it is often necessary to use a dolly and/or multiple helpers.  If necessary we will put down temporary cardboard or moving rugs on the floor so as to protect your floor.  

After the slab has been moved inside to the install site, it is carefully lifted and put into place.  Measurements are taken to assure that the slab is installed in the correct position, and then it is checked to ensure no damage was done during transport.  Then, depending on material, the slab will be cleaned and sealed and your kitchen will be ready for use.